Exploring Contemporary Shi’ism in European and Middle Eastern Contexts (Panel III-IV)

Dr. Mina Moazzeni – Shahid Beheshti University

Book Review Shiite Studies in the West

The book Shiite studies in the West consists of six articles in which the most important Shiite studies of Orientalists are presented. In the first article of this book, the important issue of typology in Western Shiite studies is discussed. This article shows the impact of the studies of previous centuries in the twentieth century by chronicling the studies of previous centuries. The second article examines new research in the history of early Shiism and the third article, by translating and examining the case of the entry “Shia” in the encyclopedia of the Qur’an, examines the place of studies and Shiite knowledge of Western scholars in the mentioned encyclopedia. The fourth article has been compiled in the field of cognitive approaches in jurisprudential studies and examining the position of Shiite jurisprudence in these studies. The fifth article shows the religious developments of the Safavid era in the studies of Safavid scholars. The sixth article examines the documents of the Shiite articles of the Encyclopedia of the Islamic World and the Leiden Encyclopedia of Islam.This book is one of the few works that describe and analyze Shiite studies in the West and has been published in Persian in Iran.